My Links Explained

by kmcdougal11

The first link I placed under “Links” on the bottom of my page is the New York Times Health and Wellness Blog. I placed this as my first link because it is something I often find myself viewing when I visit the New York Times webpage and I think it is definitely something worth sharing with others. Since health and wellness is important to me (despite my love of junk food and sweets), I am always interested in keeping up on articles related to health and wellness. Since I often share the articles I find on that blog with my friends and family, I figured I might as well share that webpage with my fellow bloggers as well, in case someone is looking for a good page to catch up on the latest health and wellness news or even just looking for a new healthy food recipe.

The second link I placed on my blog is an article about internet privacy from the website, Project Censored. I particularly found this article interesting because it shed light on the fact that everything that is done online can be viewed and tracked by outside parties, largely the government, and our privacy is largely at risk. Since everyone likes to have some form of privacy, especially on the internet where embarrassing pictures, videos, etc. are posted every second, I thought it was important for more people to be aware that their privacy is greatly diminished due to their use of the internet.

The third link on my blog so far is an article from the webpage, Reporters Without Borders, about an Egyptian Blogger who is continuing a hunger strike to protest the imprisonment of himself and many other bloggers and journalists in Egypt during this time. I feel this article is important to share, especially with other bloggers and journalists because it is easy to take for granted the freedoms we have here in the United States that allow us to blog freely and openly (even if that means our privacy is at risk). I found this article to be upsetting yet inspiring, because this blogger is so determined to fight against his government so that himself and fellow bloggers and journalists do not have to suffer the consequences of relaying the news they feel is important to the world, and I hope others can find encouragement and inspiration from this man.